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Weekly Workout Throwdown

Back to Cleveland and back to reality this week after returning from vacation. This goes for my workouts too; no more slipping out of bed at 9am for a late morning fitness class. I’m back to balancing a demanding work schedule with my health and fitness goals.

So here’s the lowdown on what I did to move my body and steady my mind this week-

Monday– Power Yoga Class

Namaste in #Vacaymood

The first day back to work following a vacation tends to be a long one with all the catching up to do. My email list alone could take a week to sort through. I went into work extra early on Monday so that I could head out at five to grab a spot at Cleveland Yoga’s Power Yoga Basics class. Despite practicing yoga regularly for 2 years, this ‘beginner’ class was very humbling. Needless to say, it was a great core workout. I like practicing in a heated studio because I come away feeling like I’ve scored a great 2-for-1 deal; a yoga class and a sauna detox session.


Tuesday– Chest & Back Strength Session + Cardio

  • Push-ups
  • Incline barbell press
  • Band-assisted pull-ups- I use the green band from Garage Fit
  • Single-arm dumbbell rows

30 mins Stairmaster made possible by For the Love of Money podcast. Money aside, Chris Harder, does a great job of getting me excited about life.


Wednesday– Leg Strength Session

  • Barbell squats
  • Smith Machine lunges
  • Stiff-leg deadlift
  • Leg extension machine

Booty was sore!


Thursday- Shoulder Strength Session + Cardio

  • Barbell overhead press- Instant badass feeling
  • Dumbbell lateral raise
  • Rear delt cable fly

5k treadmill run- Used my Garmin Forerunnerto keep my heart tick’n at 150 bpm


Friday– Arm Strength Session + Yoga

  • Dumbbell curl
  • Close-grip push-up
  • Hammer curl
  • Rope push-down

I used the Find What Feels Good app and did the Yoga Morning Fresh class. The app offers a one-week free trial before the monthly $10 fee kicks in.


Saturday– Indoor Cycling Class at LA Fitness in Lyndhurst, Ohio.


Sunday– Rowing Machine + Yoga

In my search to find gyms with Concept 2 rowing machines, I checked out an LA Fitness in Brooklyn, Ohio. Rowing machines- yes, Concept 2 brand- no. So I used their Matrix rowing machines to blast through 2-by-2k. At least I thought I was blasting; my splits registered at 1:55-1:57/500m during my pieces, however my final time and average race time didn’t quite agree. I did feel a familiar quad burning, light-headed, gasping for air sensation that I would experience after a race during my college rowing years.

After rowing, I stuck around for a yoga class, or rather a fitness class in which the instructor had us hold yoga poses. Not horrible, but it did reassure me as to why I have both gym and yoga studio memberships.

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