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Why Keto has Worked for Me

While outcomes such as weight loss and improved blood work are important, my opinion of whether  or not a lifestyle change is effective is based primarily on how it affects ones’ quality of life. So often people start very restrictive or regimented lifestyle programs, only to give-up midway through because the program is too challenging or does not fit in within the rest of their life. In order for something to work, it needs to work with your life, not against.

Today I’m touching upon the qualitative, more subjective ways in which adhering to a ketogenic diet has improved my quality of life.

1. Longer (work) periods between meals- Switching to a ketogenic diet has allowed me to go longer between meals because my meals are more satiating and I’m not hungry. On my previous higher-carbohydrate diet, I was eating every 2-3 hours. I now find myself going for 5-6 hours before feeling hungry.  I’m much more productive at work because I’m not having to stop to eat as often. I can also go out without bringing a cooler full of snacks with me.

2. Less preoccupation with food– The nature of my job has me thinking about food all day, so it is no nice not to be overly concerned with what I’m eating. I rarely ever think about what or when I’m going to eat next. I attribute this to once again, more satiating meals and the blood sugar stabilization that a ketogenic diet provides.

3. Extra zzz’s– I most often fast in the morning, which meals breakfast is a cup of coffee. That being said, I can stay in bed for an extra half-hour and still make it to work on time (most days). One of the signs of being fat-adapted is lack of appetite in the morning, so I know my body is utilizing ketones for energy during those hours.


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