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Ask the RD: Overnight Oats

Q: I’m looking for an easy, healthy breakfast option and came across ‘overnight oats’. Are they healthy?

A: You’re right! Overnight oats are a healthy & convenient breakfast option. Here are some tips to enhance the nutrition of your bowl of oats-

-Use steel-cut oats (they will soften if leftover night). Steel-cut oats are the most natural form of oatmeal, so they contain the greatest amount of fiber, and can help you to feel fuller for longer. A ¼ cup dry is a good serving size.

-Soak the oats in unsweetened almond/coconut/dairy milk, and/or plain greek yogurt- avoid the sweetened milks or yogurt.

-Add a source of healthy fats- chia seeds, nut butter, or chopped nuts to help increase satiety.

-A bit of fresh or dried fruit is fine for adding sweetness, but be mindful that dried fruit tends to pack a lot of sugar and therefore more calories.

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