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The Many Ways to Measure Wellness


So often the word “wellness” is tied to weight and the physical body. And while wellness and feelings of wellbeing may be enhanced through weight loss for some people, it’s not the general rule of thumb.

 Let’s start out by considering the definition of wellness: The state of being healthy in mind and body.

 Wellness is multidimensional and holistic. It encompasses the whole body and mind. Thus there are many ways to measure wellness.

 I encourage you to take a few minutes to consider the following questions about your wellness. This exercise can be especially helpful when we lose sight of the true definition of wellness and begin to focus strongly on weight and body size.  

Intellectual wellness– Does your job/hobbies/education provide intellectual stimulation and challenge? And if so, how can you share your talents by teaching others?

Social wellness– Do you have a strong connections with family and friends? Do you feel that you have people to count on and who have your back in times of struggle?

Physical wellness– Are you able to fully participate in the activities of your life with comfort? Do you fuel your body with nutritious foods? Do you regularly move your body through activities that feel good to you?

Emotional wellness– Do you let yourself feel emotions or do you push them away? Are you able to separate your emotions from your thoughts and behaviors?

 These are just a few ways to measure wellness and your being. Not one is more important than the other. Nor will action in one area of wellness solve issues in other areas. An example of this is thinking that healthy eating (physical wellness) will bring about more friendships (social wellness). To increase your friendship circle, you’ll need to specifically focus on your social wellness (eg. joining a club, engaging in conversation with others).

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