What I Ate Wednesday

Today was nothing shy of busy! I began my day at 4:45am with 20 mins of HIIT cardio in my PJs, went to work, stopped by the chiropractor for a much needed adjustment, and then got in a good chest workout at the gym before heading home.  Throughout the day I relied on 6 healthy meals to help keep my energy up.

Here’s a look at #WhatIAteWednesday


Meal 1: Egg & veggie scramble (1 whole egg, 3/4 cup egg white, diced red & green bell pepper, chopped onion and fat-free cheddar cheese), Thompson whole-wheat Bagel Thin with low-fat cream cheese, and coffee.

Meal 2: 3 pumpkin protein muffins with a second cup of coffee. I modify Jamie Eason’s recipe to bump up the protein with more egg whites and protein powder.  These make a great mid-morning snack at work.

Meal 3: One variation of “Crack Slaw”- Bagged coleslaw mix tossed with a dressing of PB2, low-sodium soy sauce and sriracha. I added diced grilled chicken breast and tossed on a handful of roasted peanuts.

Meal 4: On the way out of my office, diced chicken wrapped in an Ole Extreme Wellness high fiber tortilla.

Meal 5: My typical post-workout meal of cooked 5-grain hot cereal mixed with vanilla protein powder and sugar-free Walden Farms pancake syrup. As usual, eaten in my car after my gym workout.

Meal 6: Back at home I ate dinner consisting of more chicken, baked sweet potato, steamed asparagus and sliced avocado.