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A Whole New approach to Creating the Optimal Me!


I’ve thought about starting a blog for a while now. About a year to be exact. “Next weekend”, “If only I could find the time”, and “Who would read it anyways?” were some of the many excuses I used to trick myself believing I was too busy, too inexperienced, too unsure to actually start writing.
Well, here I am. Writing my first blog post. First of 2014. First ever.

What will I write about? A Whole New Fit describes my new approach to fitness, nutrition, health and wellness. I’ve been an avid health- seeker for at least the past 17 years. In my journey to finding optimal health I’ve tried healthy eating, anorexia nervosa, vegetarianism, points counting, calorie counting,fat counting, bulimia nervosa, no exercise, excessive exercise, veganism, binge eating disorder, shakes, smoothies, juices, cleanses, herbs, supplements, high-protein, low carb, all carb, powders and other ‘magic potions’. Some approaches were healthier than others, ie switching from veganism to a higher animal protein diet which brought my hemoglobin from 8.0 to 14.5 (trust me, a good thing for those not familiar with hemoglobin), to becoming more sedentary (aka cutting back from 5-6 hours of exercise per day to about 1-2), and cutting out a lot of the sugar and refined carbs in my diet to one that is now on the verge of paleolithic. Good bye rollercoaster energy rides! Some of my approaches were just plain dangerous and did cause harm. If only you could see my arm waving “good-bye” to the three stooges- anorexia, bulimia, binge eating disorder.

What I will be discussing in this blog is my shift to a new, sustainable means of achieving the optimal me. While the saying may be overused, this has truly been a lifestyle change. Over the past couple years, I have learned A TON about fitness, nutrition and health. In part from my formal education in becoming a Registered Dietitian, but also from my personal interest in sports nutrition as a competitive turned recreational athlete, and recently from meeting my now husband, a seasoned bodybuilder who just happens to be a physician as well. I’ve experienced many great learning opportunities which have changed my approach to wholesome health for not only myself but my clients, family and friends. Beginning today, I’m happy to start sharing my journey on the pages of this blog.

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